10 rock songs for red wine drinkers

10 rock songs for red wine drinkers

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Like with food, pairing music with a good glass of wine makes  the atmosphere happier  and puts you in a party mood.  Here is a playlist that will make your red wine taste even better!

1. Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Now if you are feeling tipsy enough after drinking your wine, try and tell her you love her with this mix of hard rock and psychedelia.

2. The Doors – The End

As Jim Morrison said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to men as it truly is: infinite.”  So sip your wine, press play, and close your eyes to fly with Jim.

3. Sigur ros – Illgresi

A spiritual journey along  the glacial lands of Iceland. Warm your heart and mind with a strong red and sing along: “ No longer cold, I’m once again alive. My soul comes to life, it paints the world.”

4. Guns N ‘Roses – Welcome to the Jungle

Travel into the real jungle with Guns & Roses. Many listen to this track while drinking beer, but such spicy lyrics deserve a better treat: a crisp, light-bodied red wine.

5. Dave Matthews Band – Do not Drink the Water

Dave is giving us such a tip! So fill up your glass, look towards the horizon and think about how good it is!

6. Francesco Guccini- Canzone di notte n. 2

Guccini always spoke of his passion for red wine, an inspiration for some of his best song lyrics like “Canzone di notte n.2” ( “Night song n. 2”) : “And again it’s night and music, don’t know why…maybe because  I still have something to drink and I am pouring myself a glass.” Let’s pretend it’s us composing and drinking…this is rock!

7. Nickelback – How You Remind Me

After splitting up with his girlfriend, Chud Kroeger believes he sees her everywhere he goes and finds that he” drinks his bottle down to the end.”  You don’t need to do the same, just have a few glasses of wine, as long as it’s red, red like passion and love.

8. Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

This song is about the devil, Jesus and sins. Fill your glass, thank the Lord and ask him to forgive you your sins. But don’t forget to dance, too!

9. Lenny Kravitz – Black Velveteen

Lenny Kravitz always oozes seduction and sex appeal and so do his songs. This one is a really hot one. How about pairing it with a wine as lush?

10. AC / DC – Back in Black

Pump up the volume and order an AC/DC Back in Black, 2010, 750ml dry red wine.

No, I’m not drunk! They’ve produced an excellent wine out of this song. Need I say more?