5 Myths About Wine Debunked

5 Myths About Wine Debunked


Wine is one of the most popular topics of conversation at the dinner table. But speaking about something doesn’t mean knowing about something. There are plenty of false myths about wine that go around and recognizing them is not easy! Here are five myths about wine debunked by a sommelier.

1. Myth: Sweet wines can’t be paired with savory foods. Among the many myths about wine, pairing sweet wines and savory foods is one of them. Many believe that salty food should be paired only with dry wines. Incorrect! Sweet wines are delicious with savory foods as long as the right balance between acidity and sugar is there.

2. Myth: White wine should be served cold, red wine at room temperature. Really? In reality, an excellent white wine should never be served too cold … otherwise its complexity will be affected. Red wine, on the other hand, should never be served too hot. Fifteen minutes of refrigeration are more than enough to give it that chill that is essential to enhancing its flavor.

3. Myth: Reds go with meat, whites go with fish: It is not easy to eradicate one of the most widespread beliefs in the world. And it is even less easy to pair the right wine with food. The only way to experiment, without making mistakes is to truly understand the complexity and contrasting elements of your food and wine. For example, great winemakers claim that salmon is deliciously paired with Pinot Noir. Why not try it?

4. Myth: The vintage is more important than the year. It is not easy to choose a good wine, and buying the best vintage goes hand in hand with choosing the best wine. Wrong. It is said that a 2010 wine is better than a wine of a lower vintage of 2011. This is because it takes time to give the right value to an excellent year – it’s worth the wait.

5. Myth: Red wine and cheese pair well. According to expert Eric Asimov, it’s not the best combination. White wine is more versatile to accompany cheese. And if Asimov says it, how can we contest?