3 Italian Red Wines to Make a Great Impression

3 Italian Red Wines to Make a Great Impression

I migliori vini rossi italiani

If you are looking for that perfect bottle of wine to take to a dinner, and you want to be safe with a red wine you have to go Italian! You can’t go wrong with Italian wine. Here are 3 Italian red wines to make a great impression if you are going to a dinner party! (There are other noteworthy wines, but these are our favorites!)

1 Brunello di Montalcino
This is a great Tuscan DOCG which is known as one of the most famous and prestigious wines in the world. Brunello di Montalcino can only be produced in Montalcino with the Sangiovese grape.

Color: intense ruby with garnet reflection.

Taste: dry, warm and soft with great structure and persistence.

Food pairings: roasts, grilled meats, game and structured dishes. This is the perfect wine with a Florentine steak!

2 Barolo
This Piedmont wine is a prestigious wine which is produced only in the municipalities that include the DOCG “Barolo”. It is made exclusively with 100% Nebbiolo.

Color: garnet red with ruby shades.

Taste: dry, full, robust and harmonious.

Food pairings: roasts, braised meats, game and aged cheeses.

3 Amarone della Valpolicella
This is an important red which is made in the Veneto area and produced exclusively in Valpolicella as a DOCG wine. It can be made with Corvina Veronese (45% to 95%), Corvinone (which can replace the previous grape, maximum of 50%), Rondinella (5% to 30%).

Color: garnet red.

Taste: full and velvety.

Food pairing: braised meat, stews, roasts and game.