4 Irresistible Wine Cocktails

4 Irresistible Wine Cocktails

cocktails con vino

Wine is an excellent ingredient for a fruity cocktail to be enjoyed with friends. Wine purists perhaps will turn their nose up to such a statement but bartenders know all too well how popular wine-based drinks really are – like Spritz, Bellini and Hugo. These are of course some of the most famous but the list is actually quite long! Whichever you prefer – red, white or sparkling wine, there is always a wine-based cocktail right for you! Here are 4 irresistible wine cocktails to choose from!

1. An Elegant Kir Cocktail 

Kir or Cassis au vin blanc as it is known in France where it originates, is a long drink that is simple to prepare but very elegant. It can be made in classic form, with a white wine base or as a Royale with champagne.

2-3 cubes of ice
1 part cassis cream
4 parts dry white wine

2. Girls just wanna have… Mimosas!

One cocktail which is popular with the “girls” is the Mimosa, a close relative of the Rossini and Bellini cocktail. The Mimosa is a light and refreshing drink which is perfect as a happy hour drink. It’s a bit fancy and also makes an ideal accompaniment to brunch. It’s best served in winter with fresh orange juice.

½ spumante brut
½ arance spremute

3. White Sangria for those who don’t like red wine

White sangria is the lesser known variant of the Catalan drink and is as simple as a white wine based cocktail – you choose whether you want sparkling wine, fruit and spices. It all depends on personal taste. You can also add a little vodka to make the drink a bit stronger. There is only one rule you must follow when making this cocktail – white sangria is to be served ice cold!

2 oranges
2 lemons
2 peaches
1 melon
130 grams sugar
25 ml of vodka
800 ml of white wine (sparkling depending on preference)
cinnamon powder

4. A more “important” drink like the Black Forest

If you are more of a strong cocktail type and are not watching your calories, the Black Forest is definitely the cocktail for you. It is a Port and Chartreuse based cocktail and its taste is very distinct since it is made with egg yolks!


1 egg yolk
2/5 Port wine
2/5 green Chartreuse
1/5 Grand Marnier