5 Best Tuscan Beaches | Summer 2017

5 Best Tuscan Beaches | Summer 2017


Italian landscape, climate and people have plenty to boast about and beaches are no exception. This summer 2017, hit some of the best Tuscan beaches in the morning and relax your way well into the evening with a classic beach aperitivo or a bottle of wine with friends at home post-tanning. Beach season in Italy is something magical – it oozes relaxation and luxury. Here is a brief guide on the 5 best Tuscan beaches so you can plan your Italian summer.

1 Viareggio Beaches

Surrounded by Liberty style buildings and a boardwalk made to see and be seen, Viareggio Beach is a must for Tuscan travelers. It’s the classic Italian beach with long stretches of sand, a mix of beach establishments and free beaches and a whole lot to do from bars to restaurants to beach activities.
Wine Match: A Trendy Tuscan Dogajolo Rosato Rosè Wine.

2 Marina del Grosseto Beaches

If you’d like something a bit more family-friendly, Marina del Grosseto is an ideal choice. It also boasts long stretches of sandy beaches, but is more catered to families.
Wine Match: a crisp glass of Vermentino with lunch at one of the beach restaurants.

3 Capalbio Beaches

This Mediterranean beauty is a quiet little gem which is well known, and well liked among Italian celebrities thanks to its unique positioning which offers ultimate privacy. It’s the perfect place for relaxing, tanning and enjoying the pristine beauty of untouched nature.
Wine Match: After a day on the beach at this celebrity beach, a celebrity wine makes the perfect match so go for something important like a Brunello di Montalcino.

4 Forte dei Marmi Beaches

If you want to show off your new bathing suit and beach bod, Forte dei Marmi may be the place for you. It is a trendy beach area and is known for its shops, restaurants and nightlife on the beach.
Wine Match: a sparkling white wine, perfect to cool down the hot summer sizzle from all the action you’ll find on this beach.

5 Scarlino Beaches

Located in the heart of the natural reserve Bandite di Scarlino, this beach offers the ultimate when it comes to natural beauty with green all around. Waters are crystal clear and though the beach is visited quite often, it gives the vibe of being an untouched gem.
Wine Match: A Tuscan Dogajolo Bianco, a citrus wine which gives the feeling of freshness and nature.