5 Best TV Shows About Wine

5 Best TV Shows About Wine


There are plenty of shows to watch this season, but why not give wine shows a go. Here is a list of the 5 best TV shows about wine to put on your watch list!

Imagine trying to receive a wine certification that only 200+ people worldwide have earned. Uncorked is a documentary series that follows 6 people who are aspiring to be Master Sommeliers. This is no ordinary exam. The participants live, eat, breathe and sleep wine to the point that it becomes obsessive. This is a must-see series for anyone who wants a behind the scenes look at the pressures behind the world of wine.

Wine for the Confused
Comedian, actor and writer John Cleese takes us on a journey through Santa Barbara exploring wine and the people behind wine. This show takes the pressure off the world of wine by giving us a sense of the simple joys of wine and most importantly drinking it! It’s an entertaining show, especially if you are a fan of John Cleese.

This PBS food show has a motto to celebrate and embrace the joy of wine and good conversation, taking mystery out of discovering a good glass of wine. The show consists of a celebrity panel which changes regularly, where guests try different wines from a different region around the world each episode. This is both entertaining and informative, making it a great show to watch if you want to learn flavor profiles of wine.

The Winemakers
Winemakers is a PBS Food program which follows the standard competition food show format, with 12 men and women contestants competing to launch their own wine labels. This reality-tv show gives you glimpse at the pressure of competition and the joys of wine comradery within the industry.

This Australian wine tv show is the perfect mixture of uncensored comedy, rawness and a bit of wine. The Plonk wine crew travel Australia’s wine region, documenting all the ups and downs of being on the road with a bit of situational comedy elements which makes it something a bit different.