5 natural hangover remedies

5 natural hangover remedies

cane con l'hangover

Yeah, sure, it was your friend’s fault. He forced you to finish that drink! Even though you have taken all precautions asking the bartender not to fill your glass up to the top (he stared at you), you now have a terrible hangover. Well if you think you were fine up to drink number 10, do you remember that little number of yours, dancing on the table? Indeed it’s not because of the pear juice in your cocktail that you are now feeling nausea, headaches and stomach ache , so this is why you’re telling yourself: “I will never get this drunk again! “, which is so typical when you wake up feeling that bad.

mal di testa dopo la sborniaTo avoid hangovers you should always drink moderately and well.  Of course, from where we are standing, we would recommend only high-quality wine drinking. However, for emergencies, here are five natural remedies for hangovers:

The terrible headaches and dry mouth  are due to dehydration caused by alcohol, whose diuretic effect leads to lose a lot of fluids. To avoid this, the advice is to drink lots of water before going to bed and when you wake up. It helps to hydrate and purify the body, as well as reminding you that perhaps this is what you should have drank in the first place.

When we drink too much, our body drastically reduces the reserves of potassium and bananas contain a lot of it. Eat one before going to bed, it will help recharge your body overnight and make you feel better.

3.Fruit juice
Freshly squeezed fruit juice will quickly raise your blood sugar level, lowered by alcohol, as well as  containing several essential vitamins. I’ll say you’ll probably struggle finding the strength to squeeze that fruit in the state you are, but you can try.

Have three teaspoons of honey, every half an hour, just like a medicine. The high amounts of fructose in the honey will help you get rid  of the alcohol.

This is any Saturday night heavy drinker hangover remedy, a slice of bread  before going to bed. In fact even if your stomach says no, bread will absorb the alcohol and prevents hangovers.