5 Savory Cocktails to Try This 2019

5 Savory Cocktails to Try This 2019

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Celebrate the new year with some new savory cocktails. Who says a good cocktail must contain sugar? The upcoming cocktail trends of 2019 are throwing out the sugary cocktail fads and bringing in the complex savory flavors that make up a fantastic adult beverage. Try out these 5 cocktails that will make your mouth water instead of satisfying your sweet tooth.

1. Michelada: The Fiery Mexican Drink
This is a cocktail that will make you want to chow down on some tacos. The Michelada is a spicy drink that combines fine Mexican light beer, a hot sauce of your choice, tomato juice, and fresh-squeezed lime to finish. Get festive and rim your glass with some salt and paprika.

2. Manhattan (Cabernet Edition): The Black Manhattan
This cocktail is an excellent twist on an old classic. Start with your favorite Cabernet. Add in some Cynar liqueur (or any preferred bitters blend). And top it off with bourbon.

3. Mescal Negroni: A Smokey Night Cap
Mescal is going to be 2019’s new favorite liquor. Full of nice bitter flavors and a splash of citrus and smoke, this is a great for sipping. Replace the gin with mescal. Keep the Campari layer. For a truly savory cocktail, keep the sweet vermouth out and use Fernet-Branca.

4. Classic Bubbly Cocktail
Love that tingle on your tongue that sparkling white wine gives you? For this easy cocktail, simply fill up a flute with a little brandy, top with champagne and plenty of aromatic bitters for an easy-to-drink delight.

5. The Thai Rambler
If you enjoy Asian flavors, this is the drink for you. Muddle together a few cilantro leaves, a tiny slice of a Thai chili, and a teaspoon of coconut cream. Shake it up with some gin, lime juice, soda water, (and fish sauce if you want to get really authentic!)