5 Ways to Recycle Old Wine

5 Ways to Recycle Old Wine


It’s surely a shame to not be able to enjoy a good wine before its expiration date, especially when an external factor turns it into vinegar, but remember there are many ways you can reuse wine even when it has become undrinkable.

The taste of the wine will not be particularly pleasurable, but you don’t need to throw that old bottle of wine away just yet!

Here are 5 ways you can re-use old wine in very creative ways:

1) Seasoning for Food. The first most practical way to “re-use” wine is of course in food! Even if you don’t like drinking wine, using it in cooking as a condiment can do the right trick. Go on, give it a second chance! You won’t be disappointed.

2) Beauty Tonics. Red wine has excellent antioxidant qualities and can easily be used as a tonic which can be applied directly to skin. Red wine tonic helps regain complexion and shine. It’s no coincidence that many beauty treatments are trying to use these advantages in their products.

3) Carpet, Window & Garage Cleaner. Perhaps not everyone knows this but the best remedy for a red wine stain is… white wine! If you ever get a red wine stain in your carpet, the first thing you should do is cover it with white wine and watch the stain disappear. The same also applies for grease or oil stains. White wine is a powerful grease cleaner, and is even a great cleanser for windows! Try it yourself if you don’t believe us!

4) Natural Disinfectant. Thanks to its alcohol content, wine is a natural disinfectant, perfect for naturally cleaning fruits and vegetables (secure method for eliminating ecoli or salmonella). It’s also perfect for cleaning kitchen surface space, removing not only stains but any impurities as well. It’s no wonder wine-based cleansers are being worked on as we speak.

5) Grandma’s Remedy. When using the term “grandma’s remedy” we usually refer to a series of homemade solutions to aches and pains. One of the best ingredients used in these homemade remedies has got to be – wine! If you want to alleviate a bruise or black and blue, soften a bit of bread with wine and place on bruise. Wine is full of natural antioxidants which play a big role in calming any inflamed tissue areas. It’s a scientific remedy which works!