6 Fun Facts About Wine You Should Know

6 Fun Facts About Wine You Should Know


1 Italians Are Drinking Less but Drinking Better
Recent studies show that Italians seem to be drinking less wine than usual – 3.6 glasses instead of 4 glasses per week. But this doesn’t mean they don’t like their vino! Not at all. Similar studies also show that Italians are spending more money on wine than in previous years which means they are opting for quality over quantity! Worth following their lead…

2 Drinking Wine Improves Your Sex Life
Good news wine drinkers – 2 glasses of quality wine can actually help your libido. A substance called flavonoids in red wine helps increase blood flow to throughout the body which seems to improve sex life. Romantic dinner with a bottle of Italian red wine anyone?

3 Some Wines Are Better Than Others
Contrary to popular belief, not all wines are created equal. There are thousands of wines on the market, and only a select number of grape varieties, so they must all be good, right? Not so. Each wine has a life of its own depending on various factors such as levels of tannin, acid, characteristics etc. The same grape can produce a $10 bottle of wine as it can a $150 bottle of wine. Your best bet it to understand the reputation and reviews of the winemakers.

4 Sangiovese Grape Produces the Best Italian Wines
This is a robust grape which is the heart and soul of Tuscan wine country so it is no surprise that the Sangiovese grape is responsible for producing some of Italy’s best wines – Super Tuscans, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and many more.

5 Sense of Smell Is Linked to Memory
There’s a reason wine preferences are a personal choice – our sense of smell is directly associated to memory. The olfactory bulb is connected to an area of the brain that is associated to memory and emotion so choose your wine wisely, because it is sticking with you for a long time.

6 The Kitchen Is the Worst Place to Store Wine
It may seem like the most obvious place to keep your favorite wine on display, but make no mistake about it – storing your quality wine in a kitchen can irreparably damage it. The changes in temperature and light are the two most damaging factors to any bottle of wine. So, keep your Italian Barolo in another room please!