6 Tips For Storing Wine

6 Tips For Storing Wine


Your frequent visits to wine shops and tastings have paid off! You now have a wonderful collection of fine wines. But… if you want to know how to properly store these wines so they don’t spoil, follow our 6 steps for storing wine.

shutterstock_933385781. Keep Bottle in a Cellar
The temptation to put your fancy wine bottle on display is understandable, but your kitchen cupboard or living room shelf are not the right places to store your wine. Your wine needs a cool place with a high degree of humidity, away from the summer sun and winter heating. Do you have a basement? Perfect! Store it there.

2. Maintain the Right Temperature

The ideal temperature to store your wine is between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above 77 degrees will do irreparable damage to your wine (example: lack of aroma). Anything less than 42 degrees will create tartrates (small, white crystals formed by sediment of tartaric acid) which will jeopardize the aesthetic pleasantness of your wine.

3. Place Bottles Horizontally

Bottles must be stored horizontally so that the cork is contact with the wine, in order for it to remain moist and elastic so that it adheres to the bottle. If you position your bottle vertically instead, the cork will dry and shrink, allowing oxygen into your wine which is one of the worst things you can do to a fine wine.

4. Avoid Light

Light accelerates the oxidation process and can change the taste of your wine. Avoid neon light showcase displays.

5. Watch Out for Moisture

If you store your wine bottle in an excessively wet environment, you run the risk of the cork forming mold and mildew that can ruin your wine. The optimal amount of humidity in your room should be about 65/70%.

6. Store Bottles Away From Strong Odors

Keep your wine bottles away from paint and solvents, which are often kept in cellars or basements. These odors are so intense that they can actually penetrate into the wine bottle through the porous cork, which will then affect re sensory qualities of the wine.