8 Fun Facts About Tuscany

8 Fun Facts About Tuscany

Tuscany, Italy

There are plenty of reasons to love Tuscany, and here are 8 more! Anyone who has visited Tuscany Italy knows that this is the land of wine, art, nature, beaches and so much more. Here are 8 fun facts about Tuscany!

1 Italy is well-known for its melodic romance language, but the country is home to about 34 regional dialects, spoken by about 50% of the people! So where does the official Italian language come from? Tuscany! The Tuscan dialect is the official language of Dante Alighieri and the official language of Italy!

2 The famous marble used to create Michelangelo’s David comes from Carrara, a marble quarry town in Tuscany. The greatest sculptors of Italy used this very marble. The quarries can be visited even today and is a stunning site to see.

3 Tuscany is famous for their coastal beaches, but not so famous for its fish dishes, reason being past generations were mountainous dwellers. They steered clear of the coast due to outbreaks, and became known instead for their cattle, hence the Tuscan T-bone steak (bisteca alla Fiorentina).

4 The prestigious Super Tuscan wines came about in the 1970s, when Tuscan winemakers decided that they wanted more freedom and less bureaucracy in winemaking. A well known Super Tuscan is the Dogajolo and is known for its elegance and balance.

5 Tuscan bread is known for not having any salt in it. This bland bread came about in the Middle Ages as a protest to a salt tax. It stuck and we’re happy about that because it makes for a great accompaniment to sauces and spreads!

6 Some of the most famous minds of the past come from Tuscany. A few to mention are Dante Alighieri, Michelangelo, Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Amerigo Vespucci and plenty more.

7 Pinocchio, the children’s story of a wooden boy who becomes real is Tuscan! There is even a Pinocchio Park in Tuscany to celebrate the story, as well as workshops to learn to make your very own wooden doll!

8 The picture-perfect photos you see of Tuscany, usually depict the beautiful rolling hills of Chianti. The various macroclimates created from the different levels of elevation make for a perfect wine – Chianti Classico!