Drinking Red Wine in the Summer? Do or Don’t?

Drinking Red Wine in the Summer? Do or Don’t?


Summer is in full effect and like many wine drinkers, you may have stored your red wine bottles away so you can drink them up in the cooler Autumn months. Because it is popular belief that red wine is for the cooler seasons and white wine is for the warmer seasons. But this is not true!

This is a common habit that finds its ties from a series of eating habits that are to die off, because they are mostly rooted in circumstance.

So how did this wine drinking habit come to be?
It is undeniable that a full-bodied, high alcohol content wine certainly does not pair well with classic summer foods. It’s almost a shame to drink a great red wine with a meal that simply doesn’t do it justice. 

Another aspect to take into consideration is the tannin content of wines during the summer months. These polyphenolic compounds which are released during the vinification process of reds. When tannins come in contact with saliva, the sensation on the palate is one of astringency or dryness and that is not generally how we like our mouths to feel in the summer! But the best way to avoid this sensation is to increase the temperature of your wine – this though increases the presence of alcohol in our mouths, which makes a drink a bit heavier to swallow.

Not all reds are suitable for summer – this is true. But not all reds should be banned from the summer table. A Chianti Classico served at 60°F is actually quite delicate and pleasant on the palate with aromas and scents being more perceptible at this temperature.

Light red wines are a perfect alternative to white wines in the summer. So, go ahead and enjoy that glass of Chianti in the summer. Don’t be afraid to go against the grain. That’s how great trends begin!

Happy Summer Chianti Drinking to All!