A Glass of Red Wine Can Prevent Despression

A Glass of Red Wine Can Prevent Despression

ragazza e ragazzo che bevono del vino rosso

A recent study from Spain, published in BMC Medicine, indicates that wine, if had in moderation can help combat depression. A little bit of alcohol goes a long way…

The exact origin of depression is unknown, but the prevention of this serious disease has seen some benefits in a glass of wine a day. It may seem a bit strange to associate something like alcohol as a preventative method to depression rather than an enhancer but this particular study does just that.

signore e signora sorridentiMiguel Ángel Martínez-González of the San Pablo Center of Health in Seville (Centro de Salud San Pablo) supervised the study.  He explains, “Our study shows an inverse association between low-moderate alcohol consumption and the development of new cases of depression. The analysis was conducted for 7 years, on male and female subjects who were completely healthy, all of the ages 55 to 80. The study showed that those who consumed 50-150 ml of alcohol in a day were less likely to develop depression, compared to those who were completely abstinent from alcohol.”

The alcohol that proved to be the most beneficial to mental health was red wine. If drunk in moderation, 2 – 7 glasses per week can actually be a preventative measure when it comes to mental health illness. So go ahead and enjoy that well-deserved glass of red wine at the end of a long work-week.