Appetizer: crostini with chicken livers

Appetizer: crostini with chicken livers

crosini di fegatini toscani

As a starter we chose a typical Tuscan dish: crostini with chicken livers. The ideal would be to use Tuscan bread, but for obvious reasons, any bread available will be fine… your dish won’t be as  “traditional”, but tasty nonetheless.

Simple, but with an intense flavour, this is how to prepare this starter


300 grams of chicken livers

1 knob of butter

1 onion

Some salted anchovies

Some parsley

½ stick of celery

½ carrot

a handful of capers

Tuscan bread (or unsalted) bread

Extra virgin olive oil




Mince together the onion, the celery, the  carrot and the parsley with heated extra virgin olive oil, preferably from Tuscany.

Add the chicken livers cut into small pieces and let them season in the mixture, making sure to turn them often. Add salt and pepper and cook for 15 minutes. If needed, add water or chicken broth.

Once brought to cooking the livers, chop the capers (which you havepreviously desalted) and anchovies together using the sauce and add butter to soften the mixture.

Now cut the bread into slices, not too thick, and lightly toast in the oven so that it becomes crispy.

Now you just need to spread this pate onto the bread, to serve a typical Tuscan specialty!

Wine pairing: DOCG Chianti Castaldo of Carpineto