Best of Wine Films – A Good Year (2006)

Best of Wine Films – A Good Year (2006)

un'ottima annata

You may remember Russell Crowe from his role in A Beautiful Mind or The Gladiator, but one that deserves a toast is his role in A Good Year, where he plays the cynical London broker Max Skinner whose life changes once he inherits his uncle’s vineyard the Château La Siroque in Provence, France. This unexpected turn of events leads him to find love and the finer things in life, leaving behind a life he once knew.

Unlike the wine film Sideways, this romantic, introspective film seems to have all the makings of a blockbuster hit with actors such as Russell Crowe and the ever famous Parisian Marionne Cotillard. In addition to a leading cast, A Good Year had none other than Ridley Scott as director who took us on a long and passionate walk through the vineyards of Provence and life.

A star cast and seasoned director gave us a powerful look at the challenges between a modern fast-paced world that is always 5 steps ahead and that of a traditional, more rustic world which follows natural rhythms, all mixed with a hint of moralism.

Wine plays the discreet and poetic protagonist in this film which carries with it the weight of importance of traditional values in contrast to the concept of success at all costs which at times can lead you to lose sight of the true meaning of things.

“I would like to go through life with an irrational and suspicious goddess, with a taste of furious jealousy as a side dish and a bottle of wine that tastes of you and a glass that is never empty…”. These are the final words of the protagonist when his transformation is complete and the vineyard has done its magic, saving yet another lost soul.