Best of Wine Films – A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

Best of Wine Films – A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

Il profumo del mosto selvatico

Filmed in the USA, Mexico, and Italy the film A Walk in the Clouds oozes romance and sentiment, winning over generations of Keanu Reeves fans. Reeves plays Paul Sutton, a young chocolate representative just back from the war who was left a bit disappointed by his wife’s not-so-welcoming return. The couple met one day before he was sent off to war so the relationship was one based on romance and separation, Sutton tries to solve the situation by throwing himself entirely into his work. Destiny takes Paul Sutton to the wealthy winemaker of Napa Valley played by the very Italian Giancarlo Giannini. By chance Sutton meets Victoria Aragon, daughter of this famous winemaker who is on her way home for harvest season.

Victoria who is expecting the illegitimate child of her University professor finds herself partnered with Sutton who agrees to pose as her husband to meet her family. When they take to the vineyards to meet the family, it is here that the setting becomes protagonist in all its glory – the vineyards are filled with tradition, ancient rites, natural tempos and colors.

The director and director of photography do an outstanding job of capturing the magic of the grape harvest, grape crushing and the concept of infinity and vitality that the grapevines embody. These are the values which reign within the heart of the Aragon family – a life of charm that flows with the seasonal rhythms of nature. A Bacchic atmosphere made for a perfect catalyst for Paul and Victoria’s love to blossom in a land that seems almost created exclusively for love.

The vineyard is also the setting for the epic finale which focuses on the symbolism of roots and endless rows of vines, the perfect metaphor of the family values which are dear to the Aragon family. The movie teaches us that vines are delicate and precious and must be cultivated and cared for in order to grow.