Brooklyn Wine | Brooklyn’s Rooftop Vineyards

Brooklyn Wine | Brooklyn’s Rooftop Vineyards


Brooklyn wine – two words you’d normally wouldn’t think to hear together. The past two decades have given New York reason to be proud and rave about Brooklyn craft beer. Since its huge comeback of Brooklyn breweries, craft beer from this borough has made its way onto local New York bar counters and beyond. The opening of the Brooklyn Brewery in 1996 has brought about a renaissance of craft beers and a millennial past time with beer connoisseurs emerging from every corner of Williamsburg, Red Hook, Clinton Hill and so on. But… as of lately, there’s a new locally produced alcohol in town fighting for the title of “Brooklyn’s finest” – wine!

Brooklyn Wine Is A Thing Now
Last 2015 saw the opening of the world’s first commercial rooftop vineyard in NYC! That’s right, not only a tree grows in Brooklyn but now a vineyard does too. This 14,800 square-foot renovated Navy Yard is now home to over 168 grapevines which produce over 30 cases of wine, all available in their tasting rooms. Rooftop Reds is fruit of the ambitious idea of founders Chris Papalia and Devin Shomaker who are slowly innovating winemaking and paving the way for urban, sustainable wineries.

Rooftop Reds not only grows wine but hosts a series of events such as wine and cheese tastings, pop up dinners, happy hour and viticulture tours. The picturesque views of downtown Brooklyn don’t hurt the experience either. Summer evenings in a Brooklyn rooftop vineyard is a unique experience you’ll definitely want to have whether you’re a local or just visiting NYC. This commercial vineyard is ideal for a relaxed evening with friends, with hammocks facing the Brooklyn sky and seating with a view worth a Yelp selfie

You won’t feel like you’re in Tuscan countryside, but that’s kind of the beauty of this place. You’ll have the feel of a warehouse picnic, drinking red wines that most likely you’ve never tasted before, while in the company of young urban wine enthusiasts. It’s definitely a must for your summer to-do list and if you sign up to their mailing list, you’ll get all year-round event info.