Burgers and wine. The unexpected grill

Burgers and wine. The unexpected grill


We are in the United States. The scene takes place in the garden. The sun is shining and he is there, with his apron on,  grilling dozens of burgers for friends, beautiful women and screaming children.

Burgerman really is a superhero. He is sweating like hell before he gets a drink of  cold beer from a stunning blond. Well, nothing new, just a normal afternoon grill, with the difference that beer here features only to refresh the poor Burgerman, and burgers should be paired with red wine, just like most Italians already do.

Hamburgers on barbequeOf course these burgers are not made with junk food and they won’t make you fat,  but are made with fresh choice ingredients. Honoured to be paired with Mr. Wine, these burgers must be juicy (not too cooked) and beefy. The bread has to be soft but firm, and the cheese delicate enough to moisten the meat (cheddar cheese is the best).

However, we are not all ready to approve of this mixture quite yet, as tradition always calls for a beer, or at least a Coke, accompanying a burger. But when talking about meat and wine, red wine means passion and passion calls you to dare.

The wine to pair with these beefy burgers must be a firm, full bodied and intense red wine like the Chianti Classico, perfect for its long, full, generous, velvety and warm flavour.

Let’s try to embrace this trend until it becomes a new tradition.

Set up your garden for the grill, gather your friends together and surprise them all!