Canned Wine | Trend or Flop?

Canned Wine | Trend or Flop?

vino in lattina

Once again, the USA has created a trend, this time in the world of wine and this time a bit controversial to wine lovers – canned wine. Whole Food Markets, the famous US food chain, launched a 2016 wine product which is turning some heads – wine in a can.

That’s right, beer and cola are not the only canned drinks you can add to your shopping cart in American supermarkets. Now, this may come as a shock to many wine lovers. But they should be prepared since this alternative form of packaging can be compared in many ways to “boxed wine” and “wine in plastic containers”.

Practicality before quality seems to be the motto of this new wine product – a pure expression of the “laws of the market”. But there must be more to practicality than we think. According to findings from Sussex researchers, wine in a can actually protects wine from light exposure which is very damaging to any wine. So, the can is actually a protective container and an efficient alternative to the traditional glass bottle.

The idea is solid but it hasn’t caught on in Europe. Many British supermarkets have categorically refused to distribute the product despite considerable interest from the so-called “general public” who seem to like the individual portion size the can offers.

Only time will tell whether canned wine will become a global trend!