Carpineto Wine at the Theater

Carpineto Wine at the Theater


“Wine is an emotion; and even theater is an emotion”. These are the words of Antonio Mario Zaccheo, founder and owner of the Carpineto winery. He and Giancarlo Sacchet explain the encounter of wine at the theater, at the Pergola Theater in Florence.

Carpineto will be the main character at the opening party which will take place in the foyer of this Florentine theater on October 4, the day before the premier of Calderón, by Pier Paolo Pasolini, directed by Federico Tiezzi. Calderón is based on the piece “Life is a Dream” by Calderón de la Barca.

Guests will have the pleasure of tasting great Tuscan wines shorty before the start of the show. It’s no coincidence that the event which is on the “Brindisi della Pergola” playbill, will take place in Florence since it is considered the wine capital of the world, with Chianti Classico doing the lion’s share of the work!

The wines of Tuscany such as Chianciano-Montepulciano, Greve in Chianti, Gavorranno and Montalcino, will all be premiering at the very first theater built according to Italian architectural dictates, in the classic shape of a horseshoe with stalls surrounding the stage, all divided by importance and order. This location was inaugurated over 350 years ago and once again highlights the meeting of the senses – those of art and palate.

“The idea behind this initiative stems from the strong belief in wine as akin to culture, artistic expression, and theater in particular. I speak of wines of a certain thickness and quality, wines that have a story behind them. Wines have emotion, as does theater. Wine is emotion” explains Antonio Mario Zaccheo.

Carpineto is one of the few wine companies in Tuscany which is present in all three of the most famous wine areas of the region (and the world) – Montepulciano, Chianti Classico and Montalcino. Chianti Classico was just nominated as a UNESCO Heritage site for Humanity, emphasizes Zacchaeus, “This makes us feel even more natural, and at the same time committed to presenting it as a cultural and artistic expression. We believe that the combination of wine and culture only enhances the pleasure of the arts”.

Introducing more people to the world of wine and theater unites everyone under a single, magnificent, artistic expression which can be expressed with the same intensity both in the vineyard and on stage. “I’d like to thank the Pergola Theater, one of the most prestigious and cultural venues in Italy and who is home to refined spectators, for having welcomed us by sharing this Art de Vivre initiative with open arms and enthusiasm”, concluded the founder of Carpineto.