Chianti Classico Collection 2015: The Black Rooster flies high

Chianti Classico Collection 2015: The Black Rooster flies high


The Chianti Classico is well known as one of the great Tuscan reds. In 2014 sales went up by 5%, thanks to an export quota that, in the same year, reached 82% of the production, a result never achieved before.

These figures stand out following the Chianti Classico Collection 2015 at the Leopolda in Florence, where more than 140 producers gave us a preview taste of their latest vintages, their 2013 wines and 2012 Reserves, in addition to all the other “Gran Selection” products.


Italian enogastronomy still remains one of the most vibrant areas despite the economic crisis of 2008.

The wine sector,  particularly that of Chianti Classico, marks this 5% more with  its 264 thousand hectoliters  sold. An excellent achievement for Tuscany and for such an ancient wine region: “This result, was partly generated by the effect of the ‘Great Selection’ , last year’s  new label of Chianti Classico,” says Consortium Giuseppe Liberatore, “and with the introduction of the Great Selection, Chianti Classico has increased the quality level of its denomination on the market,  positively influencing brand image and sales.”

The Great Selection has now established itself as top quality Chianti Classico, with 4% of the total sales of the product. A typology that further qualifies Chianti viticulture and one that “has already received positive and international reviews” – says the Director – “and quickly establishes itself as one of the most excellent wines worldwide.” Actual figures confirm these words: Black Rooster is distributed throughout 60 different countries and its exports are increasing, as evidenced by the 82 percent mentioned above, with the United States representing a strong market, with 31% of total sales, followed by Germany (12%)and Canada (10%).  The Chianti Classico sector can now take a leading role due to its 600 million euro sales volume and its 360 million euros of bottled wine production.