E-commerce | The New Frontier of Wine

E-commerce | The New Frontier of Wine


The three countries that consume the most wine in the world are USA, France and Italy. But this should be no surprise considering Italy and France produce some of the finest wines in the world, with Americans as some of their biggest fans – just look in their wine cellars to prove it!

These quality wines have not only become the big players among wine fans throughout the world, but they have also become quite the competitors when it comes to e-commerce. Online shopping is no longer reserved for technology, fashion or travel – it is now hitting the world of food and wine by storm. E-commerce has become a proven channel to not only buy, but to get to know high quality products.

So now for an example – a wine lover in from Sicily or Trentino wants to taste a specific bottle of wine, such as a Brunello di Montalcino, a Nobile di Montepulciano, Amarone or a Barolo. So, what does one do? There are several options – go to a trusted local wine shop, visit an actual winery and have direct experience with Italian countryside or… you can look to e-commerce.

There are plenty of wine producers that are catching on and have internal channels that allow wine lovers to buy their favorite wine from the comfort of their sofa, getting it delivered directly to their front door. Getting your favorite wine directly from the producer ensures quality and buying it online on a secure marketplace ensures safety.

 Wineries internet sites have become an important channel to connect to our favorite producers – ideal for those who love wine! It makes sense – in this modern age of technology we buy pretty much everything online from trips, sunglasses, shoes and books so why not apply the same shopping habits to our very favorite – wine! This once “niche” product is now an online shoppers dream. E-commerce paves the way for spreading real info and reviews about a product, even wine.

It has become easier today more than ever to understand the true quality of a vintage wine and to appreciate labels that may not be on your everyday supermarket shelf. Opening the world of wine to e-commerce means opening the doors to a world of new tastes, flavors and finds!