Dogajolo brand strategy

Dogajolo brand strategy


Dogajolo, such an innovative wine needed a strong visual branding strategy, so Carpineto relied on Manuela Fischetto, a well-known graphic designer, to find the right design to promote this bottle and its specific qualities.

Manuela told us about the concept behind Dogajolo’s label design: -I got a call from Sacchett: “we have a new wine, a red wine,” he said. As always, I asked him about its flavour and its bouquet. He replied by saying, “it’s a red wine, a young wine that will not be barrel stored. You know the feeling you have when you walk in the woods in Tuscany, the smell and colours of the countryside during autumn? This is what the wine tastes like!”-

For this reason on the bottle of red Dogajolo there is an oak branch with acorns and colorful leaves that take us straight into the colorful Tuscan woods to almost smell the scents.

The label on the White Dogajolo’s, instead, takes us closer to the fresh scents of harvest time and recalls the dry but velvety taste of this wine. A branch of bloomed acacia reminds us of the fresh scent of the wine and the light golden leaves underline its delicacy.

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For Dogajolo rosé we looked for colors to represent  this great wine  and convey its scent and freshness by designing pink myrtle flowers, a branch of fully coloured currants, eglantine roses and bellflowers.

It is a modern and daring wine, advertised in renowned worldwide campaigns. Famous is the 2013 advertising made in Brazil with the title: The two Sides of Mother Nature, showing two seductive girls, a blonde and a redhead, to impersonate Dogajolo white and red, respectively, and their qualities and characteristics, mostly “the strength of youth”.



Audacity, but also entertainment. American fans of Carpineto wines, as David Falchek remembers in his review on The Times-Tribune, commonly refer to Dogajolo with the affectionate nickname “Dog”, and this is why the summer advertising campaign features a cute hot and thirsty puppy with the caption: There are better ways to keep your dog cool this summer.

Young, fresh, bold and even fun: these are Dogajolo wines for you.