Drink Wine & Diet

Drink Wine & Diet

il vino per stare in forma

Once Christmas season is over, it’s time to get into shape and get rid of those excess calories accumulated during the holidays! The best thing to do is watch your sugar and fat intake, but this doesn’t mean you have to give up everything good – so yes, you can still drink wine and diet.

According to a study by Nutracheck, adding a little bit of chocolate and wine to your diet not only helps improve your mood but also helps you lose weight!

There is more and more evidence that show that extreme dieting is unnecessary and giving up all the things you love to lose weight is simply useless. It’s all a question of metabolism and mental state. When slimming down, it’s important to keep your moods regulated because if you deny yourself your favorite foods, you only end up increasing negative emotions, creating a negative spiral of denial, hunger and poor self-esteem. Instead, nutritionists recommend a more relaxed approach, making weight loss more sustainable for better results.

It’s important to vary your diet, keeping it balances and of course following the golden rule of common sense – keeping your diet healthy.

The best things to give up during dieting are sugary soft drinks and high in calorie cocktails. But, you can keep a glass of wine in your diet and still calorie count!