Farnito Camponibbio | Super Tuscan Wines

Farnito Camponibbio | Super Tuscan Wines

Farnito Camponibbio

Our journey into the world of Super Tuscan wines continues, and we’ll explore the Carpineto Farnito wine. After tasting Carpineto’s Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon, there is no denying that it is of an exceptional variety, made from grapes which responded perfectly to the season. We must also mention the Farnito Camponibbio which is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot – all of which percentages vary from year to year depending on the choices made in the vineyard and the winery during the winemaking process.

Camponibbio is the name of a vineyard located in the southern part of Chianciano/Montepulciano where Carpineto wine estates reside. When you see a wine bottle with a label such as this one, you can be sure that in front of you is a unique bottle of wine whose grapes have been scrupulously chosen based on a thorough selection of the best variety grown on the Pliocene soils which are formed of clay and sand. This particular soil is what gives the pronounced flavor which is typical of Tuscan Farnito wines.

Once the careful selection of grapes has been made, the fermentation process begins by placing the grape pulp and their skins in stainless steel tanks for 15 – 20 days. This is the first of many steps. The grapes are then aged in oak barrels for 12 months after which they are aged in the bottle in order to stabilize the organoleptic wood gleanings, especially true for the Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon. A process so precise and demanding cannot be done on industrial levels which means that a wine like the Farnito Camponibbio has a production capacity only of about 23,000 bottles per year. Numbers like this make this a wine suitable for true wine connoisseurs.

Food pairings for this wine are based on aromas and tastes such as plum, vanilla, berries and licorice. The best pairings are dishes such as roasts, game, Florentine steaks and other grilled meats. The Farnito Camponibbio is a robust, complex and balanced wine with refined tannins which go perfectly with fatty dishes. As with any wine with great structure, the Farnito Camponibbio must be served at a temperature no less than 64°F and no more than 68°F. To fully savor all the elements this wine has to offer, it must be uncorked at least 2 hours before serving.