Farnito Vinsanto & Spirits | Super Tuscan Dessert Wines

Farnito Vinsanto & Spirits | Super Tuscan Dessert Wines

Farnito Vinsanto del Chianti

We’ve talked about Super Tuscan Farnito Carpineto wines for a few posts now and we are at the end of our series, so what better way to finish off than with pairings that go perfectly with the end of a meal. Our series talked about wines whose characteristics go well with certain meals, such as the Farnito Chardonnay and its intense pleasurable bouquet; the complex structure of the Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon; the robust quality of the Farnito Camponibbio; and the refined elegance of the Brut Farnito sparkling wine. Finally, we present to you the two exquisite accompaniments to desserts – the Farnito Vinsanto 1996 and the Farnito Brandy made of Sauvignon grapes.

Vinsanto is an historical product of Tuscan wine culture. Its origins are not very clear which has produced many a legend around how this dessert wine came to be. A 14th century legend from Siena has it that the suggestive name, which translated means “holy wine”, means that this wine came from religious beginnings. A monk began distributing this miraculous wine as a remedy to heal the sick. Hence the belief that this wine is “holy”. Whether this is a wine of miracles or not, the Vinsanto Farnito 1996 is a symbol of excellence and quality. The Tuscan Trebbiano and Malvasia grapes give this wine a intense bouquet of apricot and peach fruits, and notes of walnut. It is paired well with cheese and spicy desserts, which only enhance the organoleptic properties born from the careful selection of grapes.

farnito 1000x700-05Wine lovers who enjoy strong flavors may instead want a Farnito Brandy Sauvignon (which contains a small percentage of Grechetto and Chardonnay). This wine is distilled by hand after the crushing of the grapes at low temperature. This brandy boasts a soft and velvety taste, as is usual in Tuscan tradition, and the high alcohol content makes for simple, crisp scents of roses and flowers which are pleasant on the palate. Those who are not accustomed to structured alcohol consumption structure will find this more than pleasing. The pale-yellow color of this perfect grape ripening, makes this brandy truly unique. Its aromatic scents are thanks to thorough filtration of the wine distillation and because there are no added chemicals, clarifiers or stabilizers. It is 100% natural.

Brandy should be sipped and is a perfect pairing for heavier desserts such as pies and almond pasties. It is also ideal for smoked meats or hard cheeses. Connoisseurs will agree that the Carpineto brandy production is top of the line.