Fashion and Wine | What They Have in Common

Fashion and Wine | What They Have in Common


When it comes to the “Made in Italy” brand, people often associate both fashion and food & wine to this international label. But what do these two areas of Italian products have in mind? Lots!

Need examples? Just think about it in terms of how we talk about the two – the strength of Italian exports, the success of Italian vintage, the cult-like personalities you can find in either. And now winemakers are just as fashionable and in the spotlight as are designers and chefs. Think about it – the similarities between haute couture and pret-a- porter is evident in both wine and fashion, with an undeniable “elite” following and another group of people that are considered more or less the casual consumer.

The parallels between fashion and wine can go even further. Connoisseurs can easily catch a glimpse of the common details which make both wine and fashionable so similar.

Let’s start with a classic wine – the Brunello di Montalcino. The most obvious associations to this wine is that of an elegant outfit or a wedding dress, you know that long tailored dress made with fine cloth that is so delicate and timeless that it simply never goes out of style.

Now think about a young wine, like a Dogajolo which immediately calls to mind a more casual look. One should never surrender style, especially when it comes to urban style which is so perfect, that it is clear that no detail has been left to chance.

There is even a third category of wine which calls to mind wine – the Brut Rosé. This wine is similar to the most feminine of outfit – something a little transgressive and sexy but never, ever vulgar. This is a wine which when translated into fashion, would be made of lace and sequins that are made to tickle the palate as much as a chilled sparkling wine can.