First Italian Wine School

First Italian Wine School

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The very first Italian wine school has arrived! Born in the heart of Italy from the University of Perugia in collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Foundation of Umbria (part of international network of the Worldwide Sommelier Association), this training center is entirely devoted to Italian wine.

Classes officially begin the last week of November in Perugia, although course scheduling will also include other towns such as Città di Castello, Gubbio, Orvieto and Foligno.

According to agreements which were formalized in October 2016, this Italian Wine School will offer educational material with certifiable courses which will not only cater to wine hobbyists, but also to professionals in the field. Specific coursework and training has been created to suit various levels of proficiency, with varying classes and themed tastings. The agenda will include materials such as – sommelier first level course, intensive sommelier course, approach to wine course and more. Various thematic courses are also being organized such as cheese and wine or champagne pairings.

The Italian Wine School promotes the culture of food, a factor which is the basis of the University of Tastes, an institution which garners satisfaction from attendees. The President of the University, Rita Forloni explains, “the Italian Wine School is a meeting of two educational excellences, that can only yield positive results”, making it clear that an additional education channel is being inaugurated. She continues by saying that “the promotion of local products of excellence, which is wine in Umbria, as well as other typical products. This is an element that is so important to the history and practice of cooking and gastronomy, that it is becoming increasingly not only a drink but a pairing element, important to the composition of a recipe.”

Registration is open. Now it’s time to try this new branch of wine studies.