Golden Girls Wine Gadgets: The Ultimate Female Accessory

Golden Girls Wine Gadgets: The Ultimate Female Accessory

Girl, gold & wine gadget

The Golden Girls may have preferred coffee and cheesecake to wine, but these four fabulous ladies certainly weren’t shy when it came to late night chats and sultry gossip. Nowadays, talks like this are done with a glass of wine in hand and aged cheeses on the table – hey, it’s still cheese after all!

Decades later, the memory of Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia as the fun-loving roommates of Miami, live on in the form of wine gadgets! Yep, you can get your very own Golden Girls wine gadgets to serve at your next rerun dinner party. Here are a few worth checking out.

Golden Girls Wine Glasses
The lovely ladies of the television screen, can now adorn your wine glasses with various themed versions to choose from on Etsy. Glasses are decorated with a decal stencil of the four women, which means you will need 3 other friends to share you wine with! Now, we normally don’t approve of frilly glasses, especially for fine wines such as a Brunello di Montalcino, which is really all you should be drinking when with friends, but for these four ladies we will make an exception!

Golden Girls Wine Charms
If you want to steer clear of themed glasses, go for the wine charms instead. These colorful charms are equipped with a ring to place around the stem of your glass and feature the face of one of the lovely comediennes. This is not only the perfect way to distinguish glasses, but also to add a bit of laughter to your wine evening. The only difficulty you will have is deciding who will get to be Blanche! The wine charms are also custom made on sites like Etsy, so take a gander and find the right wine gadget for your Golden Girls needs.