Guzzle Buddy | The Drinking Companion

Guzzle Buddy | The Drinking Companion

guzzle buddy

Christmas is just around the corner and some people are already starting to look for the perfect gift for their loved one.
If you’re looking for something a bit more fun than the ordinary pair of Christmas socks, then you may want to opt for the Guzzle Buddy, also known as the “drinking companion”. It’s perfect for those who like to drink wine… for fun!

This handy kitchen accessory can turn any bottle of wine into a glass, in just a few quick steps. The idea is simple – in essence, it is a wine glass with a spout which mounts on the bottle in place of the stem of the glass, so you never have to ask for a refill! When the glass is tilted, it fills up with more wine to enjoy so it saves you a trip.

If you are TV series fan, this fun gift may seem very familiar. Yes, you will have seen the Guzzle Buddy on the popular TV sitcom Cougar Town, which stars Courtney Cox, famous for her role in the TV series Friends and an actual sponsor and fan of the Guzzle Buddy whose slogan is “pouring is boring”.

Now we know that true wine connoisseurs will turn their noses up at such a sight, especially considering how important it is to pour wine into a glass to let it settle. This is especially true for valuable bottles of wine. But surely everyone has at least one friend who will appreciate the Guzzle Buddy and maybe even consider it the best Christmas gift of the season. So think about buying it for your fun friend, and maybe not the friend who is taking a wine tasting class this winter.

You’d better hurry because the Guzzle Buddy is selling like hotcakes on Amazon!