“Here we’ll be fine”

“Here we’ll be fine”

riserva naturale abruzzese
Riserva naturale di Punta Aderci (Vasto)

Hic manebimus Optime, “Here we’ll be fine.” The Roman historian Titus Livius ascribes this sentence to an ancient Roman centurion, determined not to leave his city after the destruction wrought by the leader Gauls of Brenno. He was talking about the shores of Lazio, in our region, where the climate, the land and the sea are generous to the inhabitants. So, after our trip to south Italian coasts, we want to bring you right here, in the centre, between Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, to discover the most beautiful and pristine beaches. Accompanied, as always, by a glass of wine to enhance our surroundings in these days of late summer.

Lazio – Tarquinia – Tarquinia white Doc: Which part of Italy can best summarize the story of this beautiful country? The area of ​​Tarquinia is where, in 2000 BC, the Etruscans settled well before the Romans and where you can find the ruins of their beautiful necropolis. Like Romans, Etruscans enjoyed drinking good wine. The vines from which we get the Doc Tarquinia, in a red and white variety, are in fact those of the historical region, from Malvasia di Candia to Lazio wine. The history of Italic civilization in a glass of wine, combined with the beautiful Lazio coastline that stretches up to the southern part of Tuscany and the Maremma near Grosseto. A swim here is always pleasant, even in the early days of September combined with a walk up to the ancient hill city of Tarquinia, with its civic towers and its millenary stratification.

Molise – Termoli – Molise Aglianico Doc: In this region, near Termoli (Campobasso, Molise, Italy) - The beach at eveningthe sea, the imposing ramparts of the Castle of Termoli overlook the Adriatic. An old Norman mansion, it was restored in 1240 by Emperor Frederick II to demonstrate how much these lands, healthy and sunny all year round, were appreciated by North-European people. From this small region, comes the Molise Aglianico Doc wine, ruby red, full-bodied, smooth tasting with an intense bouquet.

Abruzzo – Punta Aderci – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG: We are in the Southern part of Abruzzo, the lapping sea and mountains mutually exchanging beauty and charm. The Natural Oasis of Punta Aderci, in the town of Vasto, is one of the most beautiful Italian beaches, recognized as such also by Legambiente, an environmental organisation that virtually places it at the top of the list every year. Unpolluted sea, fauna, protected areas: here is where you are surrounded by nature, peace, relaxation. The area is situated between the sea and the nearby vineyards of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOCG. One of the most famous grape varieties (not to be confused with the eponymous Tuscan Nobile varieties), it produces harmonic, round, tasty and intense red wines, usually high in alcohol content, but very drinkable.