How popular is Italian wine in the world?

How popular is Italian wine in the world?


In Italy wine is an important part of our culture and traditions, since we are among the largest international wine producers.

Lunch, dinner, aperitif, any time is right for a good glass of wine. This is certainly thanks to the high quality of our wineries.

What about abroad? Where, when and how is it consumed? In which countries is Italian wine most appreciated?

Usa. With 2.4 million wine hectolitres, the US market is definitely the number one importer of our wine. The love for Italian cuisine, culture and tradition has inevitably led to a passion for wine, linked by an unbreakable bond. The largest consumers are women and young people, 50% of which rely on specialized guides, considered important aids when choosing a good wine. The most consumed are Pinot Grigio, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino; but also Falanghina, which has only recently become available on the US market.

Japan. Young people from Japan are slowly familiarising with Italian food, and this is also true for their approach to wine. Drinking Italian wine is now a consolidated custom, Japanese consumers are interested in learning about what they are drinking and finding a suitable match with the food they are eating. The most popular wines definitely Chianti and Lambrusco.

Canada. Italian wine is much appreciated; it is the main export market for some of our producers. The most popular are Chianti classico, Brunello, Barolo and Amarone and southern Italian wines: Nero d’Avola, Negroamaro, among the reds, Falanghina and Vermentino among the whites.

China. Is the most wine consuming country in the world, revealing a growing interest in the field. The average consumer is from the upper-middle class and prefers Barolo, Chianti, Barbaresco and Brunello.

Rest of the world. Mexico, Brazil, Russia and Denmark prefer wines from Tuscany and Piedmont, which proves that wine culture is also taking off in these countries.