How to make soap out of red wine

How to make soap out of red wine


As with skin care, wine also makes a wonderful, healthy base for soap by bringing its antioxidant-rich profile and nutritional value in grapes and other fruits to the soap making pot.

Here is an interesting recipe on how to make a simple, natural soap out of wine, an extraordinary skin-loving ritual that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed.


Fats, oils and butters

240-gr olive oil

180-gr coconut oil

120-gr shea butter

60-gr castor oil

Lye – Red wine – Water solution

84-gr lye (sodium hydroxide)

91 gr distilled water

137 gr red wine syrup (boil 1/3 bottle of red wine by simmering it to remove the alcohol. Refrigerate the red wine syrup.)

Start by pouring your lye into the water. Let it cool for 5 to 10 minutes then add your red wine syrup.

*Make sure that you are working in a protected area (over a sink, outdoors or in a pan), this liquid does have a tendency to boil over…be very careful.

Scent can be added according to personal taste

Optional: 20 to 36 grams of your favorite essential oils or fragrance oils (you will need a little over 30  ml bottle, the equivalent of about one fluid ounce). However, essential oils are the best choice. Many people do not add any scent because they prefer the hazelnut smell of the leftover red wine.