Ice cream and wine, an almost perfect pairing

Ice cream and wine, an almost perfect pairing

gelato al cioccolato e calice di vino rosso

Would you drink wine with ice cream? The famous German sommelier, Markus Del Monego,  awarded Master of wine in 2003, gave us the answer in 1999 during a speech he made at the 40th MIG edition (International Ice Cream Exhibition).It was called Ice cream and wine … why not?

Del Monego said, “… At a time when it is increasingly important  to venture into the  pleasures of the palate, we can arouse  enthusiasm by  abandoning  traditional paths for new ones. This even means combining the perfect ice cream with the perfect wine and vice versa … .”  So, as he says, we can enjoy both together, but with extra care.


palla di gelato

The perfect soft ice cream or semifreddo should be served at no lower than 12°C. If to the ice cream is too frozen, your palate will lose sensitivity and you won’t appreciate the combination.

The wine will have to match the ice cream flavour and density. White wines can be combined with fruit ice cream, depending on the compatibility of the flavour.

Strong  and aged red wines, with low tannins and acidity, can be paired with not too sweet chocolate ice cream.  Try adding dry prunes to your ice cream and enjoy it with Chianti Classico Riserva to emphasize the flavour.

Needless to say the easier and often more successful pairing will be with dessert wines, as for example Tiramisu ice cream with Moscato, or coffee ice cream with Vin Santo.

What is your favourite match? Try and find out for yourself.