Does Your Wine Taste of Cork

Does Your Wine Taste of Cork


Detecting cork taint in your wine is not always easy. If you are a true wine expert, then you won’t need any advice. However, if you are not, before declaring  your wine undrinkable, follow these useful tips.

First thing to remember: “if your cork smells of wine, then your wine is not corked.”

So if you are the one opening the bottle, smell the bottom end of the cork. With a little practice, you should be able to tell if the wine is off.

What if the wine served at your table has already been opened?

Red wine

In this case you can act as a sommelier and smell the wine itself. If it smells of wet dog, moldy newspaper or damp cloth then  you can return the bottle.

If you have a cold and you can’t count on your nose to detect any bad smell in the wine, then have a sip. Unfortunately, the taste of corked wine is bitter and terrible, and the experience will teach you the importance of following our previous tips.

What causes a corked wine?

Cork taint is produced by the Armillaria mellea fungus , a parasite of cork trees.  Also other factors can be responsible for taint, including the wooden barrels wine is stored in and other storage conditions. Detection here, however, is complicated and belongs to real sommeliers.