In the heart of Italy

In the heart of Italy

spiagge del conero
Numana beach

Our journey along the most beautiful Italian coastlines and wine trails continues. Beyond the heart of the Mediterranean and the banks of the Adriatic Sea, we found ourselves among the gentle hills of Tuscany, the beautiful landscapes of the Marche and the rich land of Emilia Romagna.

Tuscany – Punta Ala – Vermentino Valcolomba Doc:   Choosing just one beach and one wine, in this region, has been a very difficult task.  The summer heat has however directed our attention to a nice, fruity white wine that is fresh, easy to drink and pleasant to the taste. Vermentino Valcolomba Doc Carpineto well blends with the Maremma Grossetana and beaches of the Livorno area, on this Italian promontory named Punta Ala because of its characteristic shape, jutting out onto the Tyrrhenian Sea. spiaggia toscanaPristine beach coves of crystal water and exclusive resorts to suit every holiday whim, here is where Valcolomba wine comes from, excellent as an aperitif or to pair with roast seafood dishes or young Tuscan cheeses, famous throughout the world. Alternatively, we tasted a fresh white Dogajolo, derived from Grechetto, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. This is the perfect summer wine, of medium strength and suitable for cooler Tuscan holiday evenings. Do not forget harvest time in September! That would be the best time to spend a weekend here.

Marches – Numana – Rosso Conero DOC:  It is called the “Lady of the Conero”; it has been awarded a European Blue Flag and lies along the pristine shores of the Marche region. In the fifth century BC, Numana was on the track beaten by the Athenians, who brought here (like in all the Western Mediterranean) their passion and culture of wine, which is the real gastronomic symbol of the area. With the sea as a backdrop, the imposing outline of Mount Conero is a magical setting for all those who have chosen to spend their summer here. Rosso Conero wine with flavours of wild cherry, berries, spices and with a strong fruity aftertaste well suits the unspoiled landscapes of this area.

Emilia Romagna – Pinarella beach – Pignoletto dei  Colli Bolognesi Doc: Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica, on the Adriatic, are not the only beaches where to enjoy a swim. In Pinarella, Cervia, the waters are clear and the beaches are clean, they are just as good as “the blue flag” beaches of the southern Adriatic Sea. This time instead of the more popular Lambrusco, you should try a white Pignoletto Colli Bolognesi; it is a native vine, with strong nuances of fruits and flowers.