Italy’s 24-Hour Wine Fountain

Italy’s 24-Hour Wine Fountain


There is a place in Abruzzo, Italy which sees plenty of pilgrims throughout the year, some of which are thirsty. The pilgrimage is called the Cammino di San Tommaso and the beverage of choice to satiate their thirst along the quest is none other than – wine! Pilgrims travel this religious route walking at all hours of the day, with 15 stops that start in Rome and end in Ortona to visit the remains of Thomas, one of Jesus’ disciples.

The town of Ortona which has about 23,000 inhabitants is celebrating the Cammino di San Tommaso pilgrimage with a 24-hour wine fountain dedicated to the travelers! It is very clear from signs around town that the fountains that spout wine consistently day and night are not for drunkards or partyers, but reserved for those who are passing through on pilgrimage.

This is not the first 24-hour wine fountain in Italy. Venice once had a wine fountain in Saint Mark’s Square during carnival which poured the tasty beverage around the clock during Carnival. Marino had a wine fountain to honor the annual Grape Festival. There are plenty of examples of wine fountains in Italy, but this is the first wine fountain in Italy to commemorate something more than an event.

So, if you are in the mood for a walk from Rome to Ortona (approximately 150 miles), you may want to bring an extra glass with you along the way and enjoy a glass of wine at pretty much any time of day!