Lamb Nuggets with Scamorza Cheese & Ginger Recipe

Lamb Nuggets with Scamorza Cheese & Ginger Recipe

Nuggets di agnello con scamorza e zenzero

Ingredients for 4 people
2 pounds ground lamb
1 Scamorza Cheese
ExtraVirgin Olive Oil (Sillano Carpineto)
Salt & Pepper

Chop the sage, grate the ginger and scarmorza cheese and place in 3 different bowls.

Place the chopped lamb in a container and add the chopped sage, grated scamorza cheese and ginger. Add a tablespoon of oil and salt and pepper.

Mix the chopped meat well, then cut parchment paper into rectangular shape in order to give the right shape to your nugget roll. Once ready, place meat in paper and cover in plastic wrap in order to seal securely. Once they have taken shape, boil them for about 45 minutes and let them cool for about 10 minutes. This pre-cooking will allow the meat to remain compact and not crumble.

Cut the roll into small nugget shapes making sure to get rid of all excess parchment paper and plastic wrap. Place them in a pan with a bit of oil.

Decorate the dish with a few drops of applesauce, then add nuggets to dish and add a bit of grated ginger to each nugget.

Your lamb nuggets with scamorza cheese and ginger are ready to be served!

Wine Pairing: Farnito Cabernet Sauvignon