Let It Wine Quotes Robert Louis Stevenson

Let It Wine Quotes Robert Louis Stevenson


“Wine is bottled poetry.”Robert Louis Stevenson

Ah the wise words of the Scottish novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson. Known for his famous works of Treasure Island and Dy Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson was a prolific writer who has won the attention of prolific readers and now even wine lovers.

He even mentions wine in more than one of his poems. Here is a brief excerpt from “A Valentine’s Song”

MOTLEY I count the only wear
That suits, in this mixed world, the truly wise,
Who boldly smile upon despair
And shake their bells in Grandam Grundy’s eyes.
Singers should sing with such a goodly cheer
That the bare listening should make strong like wine,
At this unruly time of year,
The Feast of Valentine.

We wholeheartedly agree that wine belongs to literature!