Main course: beefsteak

Main course: beefsteak


The origin of this famous Florentine steak can be traced back in time, to the celebration of the feast day of San Lorenzo. Each year, on August 10, the city would be lit by bonfires, over which hunks of beef would be roasted and handed out to the population. Legend has it that during one of these feast days, the roast meat was offered to several English knights and the word “beef steak” became “bistecca” in Italian.

The success of a good Florentine steak depends on three factors:  quality, cut and cooking time. This recipe is not as simple as it looks and timing here is everything.  Here you can learn about the correct cooking time and how to prepare one of Tuscany’s culinary excellencies.

Ingredients for a Florentine steak:

1 600 to 800 gr of steak




The starting point is choosing the right butcher and the right meat.

The Florentine steak comes from a vitellone (young steer) of the Chianina breed and must be hung for maximum five to six days. It is a cut of meat taken from the part of the loin or the back of the adult, between the shoulder and thigh, and includes the bone, tenderloin and sirloin.

The Florentine steak has a T-bone shape, which separates the fillet from the rest of the steak; it is about 4 to 5 centimeters thick and weighs between 800 grams and a kilo.

Now that we have the perfect cut, we can learn how to grill it. The Florentine steak should be eaten medium-rare, so it must never be overcooked.

Place the steak on the grill (over red-hot coal) and sear it for about 5 minutes. Turn it gently, without piercing it, and do the same on the other side. Wait until the meat is browned on the surface, with a nice crust, but stays rare inside.

Once cooked, add salt, pepper (preferably freshly ground pepper) and serve immediately!