Montreal World Film Festival: “The Duel of Wine”, a comedy featuring Italian...

Montreal World Film Festival: “The Duel of Wine”, a comedy featuring Italian Sommeliers, Wine-makers, and Chefs

charlie arturaola sul set del film
Charlie Arturaola, photo by

Italian wine features in the Montreal World Film Festival movie The duel of wine, directed by Nicolas Carreras, together with Charlie Arturaola, from the  American Sommelier Association “Top 10 Palates”.

The film is the sequel of The Way of Wine (Nicolas Carreras – 2011), winner of numerous awards that tells the story of Charlie Arturaola himself.

Charlie falls from grace just after starring in The Way of Wine for being “a sommelier who has lost his sense of taste”. The truth is that he has actually realized that his sense of taste has become even finer. However, we won’t reveal more about the plot of this entertaining comedy (if you do want to know more about it click here).

The aim of this film is mainly to highlight the quality of Italian wine, which Arturaola is very passionate about: “It ‘a good film about wine, there are sixteen different varieties, but it is also about food and great Italian chefs. We want to tell the world about the country that produces quality wine, where the food is good and the quality of life is high. “(Source

Many scenes of the movie were filmed in some of the most significant Italian wine-producing areas, such as Montefalco, Barolo, Soave and Valpolicella and feature some of the leading personalities on the Italian food and wine scene, including Paolo Basso, the 2013 World’s Best Sommelier, Chef Gianfranco Visscher and Writer and Sommelier Adua Villa.

The Duel of Wine will be shown at Montreal Word Film Festival on Thursday 3rd and September 4th.

Carpineto Great Wines of Tuscany will be attending the presentation as a proud sponsor of this magnificent film.