New Year’s Eve Dinner “Italian Style”

New Year’s Eve Dinner “Italian Style”

Cenone di capodanno

Italians do it better. Especially when it comes to food. And especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve traditional dinner with friends and family. Italian dinner on the last day of the year has a special name in Italian – cenone – which means, very big meal, and rightly so as it is a major event for Italians full of traditions.

Now if you’re planning on celebrating New Year’s Eve like an Italian, before you get your menu ready, you’ll want to make sure you’re wearing the right undergarments. Yep, you read correctly. Italian tradition is to wear red undergarments on New Year’s Eve in order to bring luck into the new year. And now you’re ready to eat traditional New Year’s foods. Traditional end of the year foods are seafood starters, ham, fried food, fish, vegetables, fried salted cod and plenty more. Food is simple with no frills because if it is quality it doesn’t need any extras.

Italian meals usually have either a fish or meat theme, but this rule doesn’t apply on a day like this. Anything and everything goes.

Tortellini in capon broth is almost mandatory on New Year’s Eve but there are alternatives such as meatloaf or a roast. If you prefer fish, pasta with lobster and stuffed squid or salmon as a second course is quite typical.

Side dishes usually include mixed salad, vegetables and the meal ends with walnuts, hazelnuts, nougat, panettone and/or pandoro.

Now this last dish is quite important – around midnight it is traditional to eat lentils and pork as it is said that eating this not only brings good luck into the new year, but brings money into your new year as well. If you get to eat this traditional dish, you may already experience quite a bit of luck because this stew-like dish is delicious with a a tasty piece of pork sausage. No New Year’s Eve would be complete without a sparkling wine being uncorked at midnight!

Cheers to the New Year – Italian style!