Red Wine Tiramisù

Red Wine Tiramisù

dolce italiano con vino

Tiramisù is one of those desserts that gives you a healthy boost of energy both physically and mentally! Can you really ask for anything more?

YES, you can! We’re giving you more – a red wine tiramisù.

Here’s a take on the original Italian tiramisù recipe, with an extra added touch of class to make you go back for seconds – we’re adding wine!



1 cup of red wine
250 grams of pitted cherries
250 grams of mascarpone cheese
150 grams of sugar
15 lady finger cookies
3.5 ounces of heavy cream
4 eggs
1 cup of sherry


Separate your yolks and eggs whites. Beat the yolks with 100 grams of sugar until substances becomes light. In a separate bowl, beat the heavy cream and egg whites until peaks are formed. Mix in mascarpone cheese, and then remaining egg mixture. Let set in refrigerator.

Pour wine into a small pot and mix with the remaining sugar. Add the cherries and let boil for 5 minutes. Next. Remove cherries and place in a separate bowl for later.

Quickly dip biscuits in the wine mixture. Place in bowls alternating with the mascarpone mixture. Continue until biscuits are finished. Place plastic wrap on bowls and place in refrigerator.

Let refrigerate for a few hours. When you are ready to serve, heat the cherries and serve as a topping on your tiramisu! And you are ready to serve your red wine tiramisu!