Songs Dedicated to Wine

Songs Dedicated to Wine

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Our music series of songs dedicated to wine continues and we’ll be talking about songs which in one way or another are inspired by wine.

We’ve already talked about rock songs dedicated to wine, now we are going to offer a mini-playlist which spans an even longer time frame and perfect for many generations of music lovers.

1 Marvin Gaye – I heard it through the grapevine

Let’s start with a classic – “I heard it through the grapevine”. Technically, this song doesn’t speak of wine but instead grapevine here refers to “gossip”. As this song became more and more popular, so did the laughter of vineyard workers during harvest work.

2 Franz Ferdinand – Wine in the afternoon

Our music selection continues with a more recent song – “Wine in the afternoon”, one of Franz Ferdinand’s lesser known songs. This song is quite different from the normal songs that Alex Kapranos is accustomed to making and comes from the B-side 2006 single “Eleonora put your boots on”.

3 Frank Sinatra – The days of wine and roses

From the Scottish rock of Franz Ferdinand, we now take you to one of the most beautiful voices of all time – the quintessential Frank Sinatra! The song is “The days of wine and roses” which is not a Sinatra original but a cover which was part of an Oscar 1962 soundtrack by Blake Edwards. Sinatra joins the magic voices with this cover, which has also been redone by Ella Fitzgerald. The original is by Henry Mancini.

4 Third eye blind – God of wine

Now let’s go to a period of time when rock music was easy on the ear. Third Eye Blind is a Californian alternative rock band from the early 90s who were particularly popular in San Francisco. Their spirit lies in guitar and lyrics and though there are many favorites, our choice for today is “God of wine” for all you wine lovers!

 5 Eric Clapton – Bottle of red wine

Talking about songs related to wine and rock, we couldn’t not mention the musical genius of Eric Clapton. He makes his solo debut in 1970, in an epic album which includes a b-side completely dedicated to wine. The unmistakable song is none other than – “Bottle of red wine”.

6 Hozier – Cherry Wine

We’ll end our playlist with a theme song of our time – “Cherry wine”. This single is by singer Hozier and the song is based on his highly successful, self-titled debut album (of which the most popular of songs on this playlist is “Take me to church”). “Cherry wine” is a delicate and melancholy song which is indie gospel at its finest.