Sparkling Wine | The New Everyday Drink

Sparkling Wine | The New Everyday Drink


The past decade has seen a steady rise in one type of wine, in particular in the United Statessparkling wine! This bubbly classic which is normally reserved for special occasions is taking off its evening gown and quickly becoming an everyday favorite.

This is no secret to our European friends, since many of can be seen with a glass of sparkling wine, a drink of choice for celebrations but who’s to say a toast before dinner is not celebration enough? It’s common in Italy to have a bubbly glass of sparkling wine with your starters or as an aperitif before your meal. And this very social tradition is making its way to the USA now too. It’s also becoming ever more popular among Italian millennials to drink Prosecco, and this fad has definitely caught on in the USA with 2016 seeing a peak in Prosecco consumption.

Very often, the younger generation has steered clear of sparkling wines as it can often be associated to a higher sugar content than other types of wine, but you’ll be surprised to know that your glass of sparkling wine is more than likely lower in calorie content and sugar content than that glass of Chardonnay you’re opting for instead. So, go ahead and order that bubbly because everyone else in the United States is now too. And for good reason. It fits in at just about any party.

Sparkling Wine Pairs Well with Starters
Still need another reason to drink sparkling wine? It is actually much more versatile than you might think. Pop open a bottle of the bubbly drink with your seafood starter and enjoy pairings with shrimp, crudo, ceviche, scallops and even sushi. Or of you prefer something a bit more indulgent to start your meal, a cheese platter is a great match for this bubbly drink. It can even be paired with spicier starters. Explore a bit more and you’ll quickly understand just how many hats this bubbly drink can wear. Of course, you can always end your meal with a glass of sparkling wine and some fresh fruit or indulgent dessert. But why wait till the end of your meal!

Cheers to the new bubbly drink of choice in the USA!