Spumante Brut & Dessert – All the Food & Wine Mistakes We...

Spumante Brut & Dessert – All the Food & Wine Mistakes We Make on NYE

spumante brut

You are at the NYE countdown. Just a few seconds left till the New Year. The tension is palpable and your thumb is ready on the sparkling wine cork, as your friends and family near the end of the countdown with glass in hand. But the only problem is the glasses are not made of glass, but plastic! Here is the first wine mistake in the making to ring in the New Year. Here is how to ruin the bottle of bubbly you bought just some hours before with such pride. Ok we know that washing all those glasses afterwards is a huge hassle but sparkling wine on NYE deserves a glass.

But the night continues. You’re are the final seconds… three, two, one… the cork pops and everyone’s glasses are filled with none other than chilled Spumante Brut. This is your next mistake – serving Spumante Brut with dessert!

Drinking sweet sparkling wine with sweet dishes is a habit which somehow has stuck, being so widespread that it almost seems right, but it is not. The mixture of the two leaves a metallic taste in the mouth which can be quite hard to get rid of, creating a clash between the sugars within the food and those within the wine. The sparkling wine must therefore correspond to the characteristics of the wine. Alternatively, we can try a passito wine or even an aromatized vermouth. But we should never ever pair our desserts with Spumante Brut.

A screeching of aromas and flavors that leave a metallic taste in the mouth difficult to send away, the result of the meeting – or rather, a clash – between the sugars of food and the flavor of wine. The combination, in this case, is one of the least difficult and the most intuitive in the world: a sweet dish corresponds to sweet wine. Nothing more, nothing less. The sparkling wine must therefore correspond to these characteristics. Alternatively, you can try a passito, or even an aromatized like vermouth. Never, absolutely never, the sparkling wine Brut.

Start the 2019 year off well and drink that sweet sparkling wine but make sure it is of good quality and paired with the right dessert. And most importantly, make sure the sweetness is natural and your sparkling wine has no added sugars to it. Try a spumante from an aromatic grape such as Moscato or Malvasia.