Synthetic Wine | A Modern Day Reality

Synthetic Wine | A Modern Day Reality

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Can you make wine without grapes? Apparently you can… and it may become more and more popular.

In San Francisco, in fact, there is a start-up which is working on producing synthetic versions of some prestigious wines – a production created without one single grape. It is made of a mix of artificially processed ingredients which are similar to those of the real wine itself.

The company which has ventured out into this wild crusade of synthetic wine is called Ava Winery and their “wine experts” carry out thorough studies in tastings and analysis in order to make a list of all the main components that constitute a perfect glass of wine – leaving aside the most important one of course – grapes!

Mardon Chua and Alec Lee started their enterprise in 2015 when they realized that they could not afford a bottle of fine Chateau Montelena Chardonnay – so instead of saving to buy this prestigious bottle of wine, they decided to create a synthetic version of it!

If at this point Aesop’s fable “The Fox & the Grapes” comes to mind, we don’t need to tell you that

The first attempt at synthetic wine was made with ingredients such as tartaric acid, malic acid, tannin powder, glycerin and sucrose. The result must have seemed somewhat promising to Chua and Lee as they continued on their mission, creating an extremely sophisticated process for creating synthetic wine.

This aromas of the synthetic wine are evident as soon as you uncork a bottle – though they are “chemically created aromas”. These are in no way comparable to the real, authentic aromas which only a grape and its territory can create in a traditional bottle of wine.

So when confronted with the possibilities of modern technology and all of its potential, we have one question to ask ourselves – why?