Tell Me Wine | Stories About Passion for Wine | Vinitaly

Tell Me Wine | Stories About Passion for Wine | Vinitaly

Tell Me Wine al Vinitaly 2016

“Wine adds a smile to friendships and a spark to love. It is the second blood of the human race”. Our very own Matias chooses a quote by Edmondo De Amicis to describe what it means to be a wine lover. During our time at Vinitaly 2016 in Verona where we presented our Tell Me Wine project, we realized something very important – wine is not just a drink or a hobby for many, but a passion that engages all the senses. It is complete and tells the story of a territory and its history.

We want to start from this exact point – from passion. Perhaps it is a word that is slightly overused but never when it comes to the sacrifices that go into a bottle of wine, the joy felt when you see the fruits of labor condensed into one perfect bottle. Even who are not in the profession of wine-making but harvest their wine for personal use, even they see the story that is beyond the label or the bottle resting on its shelf.

Young people especially in recent years have been increasingly approaching the world of wine. “Not to drink just to drink…” – say Jacopo – “…but to discover the work that goes into wine-making”.  The world of wine is no longer limited to a chosen few or an elite crowd, but is opening its doors to a younger generation whose focus is more conscious and careful and reputed as a ‘Made in Italy’ symbol par excellence.

“Drinking wine means being together and enjoying memorable moments”, says Matteo from Rome. It is this idea which expresses the passion behind wine – the togetherness it creates within friendship and love. Whether they be old relationships or newly formed over a good bottle of wine, they are always found those evenings when you’re looking for that smile or that spark which makes everything more memorable. “Through a bottle, you can communicate everything”, says Silvestro from the province of Benevento. As a student of oenology, he explains how wine is not only “work” for him, cold and impersonal but rather a daily dedication to the vineyards, the wine cellar and the tasting table. Wine is found in the dusty clothes worn from the fatigue of a good harvest or fresh-pressed evening wear ideal for the perfect dinner.

Wine is a journey. One of life and learning, that brings together different generations from young to those who have spent their lives among the rugged soils of vineyards. Wine brings together different worlds which cross paths at the point of “passion”. It’s a world where there is no time to stop, as each step is seasonal and fundamental. “Wine is a moment of happiness”, sums up Alberto from Vicenza.

These are the moments that were shared with us – each one of these wine lovers with microphone in hand, telling us their wine tales both long and short, sharing with us the meaning they give to the wine which accompanies their daily meals and smiles.