Thursday, June 30, 2022
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If wine for you is something more than just a simple drink;
if it is a real passion;
if it has created memorable moments in your life,
then it’s time to tell the world!
This is exactly why happened during
the 50th edition of Vinitaly 2016,
thanks to Tell me Wine
a Let It Wine project
born from the desire to listen to the voices
and stories of all wine lovers everywhere
the real protagonists
of the wonderful wine universe!
You told us your wine story,
how your passion for wine began and so many fun stories
and some even romantic!
Your interviews, faces and impressions
just a few pieces which make
one big story come to life – the story of the love for wine!
Wine is a world full of stories, emotions and… people!
We want to tell the story of wine with you as the narrator!